Services at St. Martin's

All Age Worship

A fun, engaging service for all ages. This will feature a shorter spoken message, with the teaching being presented through interactive activities, short dramas, and anything else our all age team can dream up.

10AM, 1st Sunday of the month

Just 10 - Canon J. John

At present we are looking at how we can have a thrilled and fulfilled life. We are exploring the 10 Commandments and how they are still relevant to us today.

10AM, 2nd Sunday of the month

Morning Worship

A sunday morning service, comprised of Bible teaching, songs led by our worship team, and prayer. There is a time at the end of the service where we can enjoy refreshments and fellowship with each other. This service usually lasts for 75 minutes.

10AM, 3rd Sunday of the month

Common Worship Holy Communion

A more liturgical service, following the Book of Common Worship. We are now receiving Communion in both kinds. Gluten free Communion wafers are available for those who need this.

10AM, 4th Sunday of the month

Book of Common Prayer

Unchanged since 1662, this is a chance to proclaim the faith in 17th Century English, following the Book of Common Prayer.

12:30PM, 1st Wednesday of the month


A service in which we aim to guide people into encounter with the Holy Spirit. There is a primary focus on sung worship, and is a space to explore the gifts of the Spirit and rest in God's presence.

6:30PM, 2nd Sunday of the month